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Term Dates

The Academic year 2017-2018 is now finished. Over the Summer Holiday, no lessons will take place.

The dates for the academic year 2018-2019 are as follows:

Autumn Half Term 1: 3rd September – 20th October
Half Term: 22nd – 27th October
Autumn Half Term 2: 29th October – 22nd December

Spring Half Term 1: 7th January – 16th February
Half Term: 18th – 23rd February
Spring Half Term 2: 25th February – 6th April

Easter Holidays: 8th April – 20th April

Summer Half Term 1: 22nd April – 27th May
Half Term: 27th May – 1st June
Summer Half Term 2: 3rd June – 20th July

Please note that lessons will only be offered during Half Terms to students who have exams approaching.